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Aaron Shelton
6500 Rock Spring Dr

Bethesda, MD 20817
(301) 564-6022

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Physical Therapist, Personal Trainer

Physical Therapist: 2 years
Personal Trainer: 6 years

Sports Performance

-Doctorate in Physical Therapy
-Undergraduate degree in Sports Medicine and Wellness
-Certified in the Functional Movement Screen
-Certified in Dry Needling
-Certified Personal Trainer (American Sports and Fitness Association)


I am a doctor of physical therapy working in Bethesda, MD at Precision Health and Fitness.  I received my doctorate of physical therapy from Marymount University and have my undergraduate degree in sports medicine and wellness from Averett University. I primarily see patients with orthopedic and sport medicine deficits but have treated a wide variety of injuries and dysfunctions. I use a hands-on approach to treatment and utilize a mix of manual therapy, neuromuscular reeducation, therapeutic exercises, and therapeutic activities. I am certified in dry needling which is a useful tool in the management of soft tissue dysfunction. I strive to return patients to full functional activity, sport performance, and help them accomplish their goals. I am also certified in the functional movement screen and use it to help with exercise and sport screenings.